We're deighted to see the number of top shooters using our stocks growing. At the recent World Cup event in Munich, Petra Zublasing (above), Sabrina Senna, Gagan Narang, Od Arne Brekne and Rajmond Debevec all used Esprit Carabine stocks and its barrel bedding system. Congratulations to Sabrina for making the 3x20 Final :-)

Our Universal Concept stock is now being shipped all over the world and can be ordered through one of our growing number of expert stockists and agents (see "Our global network").

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Sabrina Senna (above)


Gagan Narang (above). The Esprit Carabine EC Universal Concept stock; a single stock that allows the shooter to choose whether to use barrel bedding (and allow the action to "float free") or to secure the action conventionally and bolt directly to the stock.

Rajmond Debevec (above) shooting his Rieder & Lenz Z2 system in an EC Universal Concept stock.