Welcome Rajmond!

We are delighted to welcome Rajmond Debevec to the ever growing number of shooters who have put their faith in an Esprit Carabine stock. Raj (former Olympic 3P Champion and one of our sport's true legends), can be seen in the picture with his Rieder & Lenz Z2 barrelled action mounted in a Universal Concept stock. He is using the barrel retaining rings which allows the action to "float free".

Our Universal Concept stock is now being shipped all over the world and can be ordered through one of our growing number of expert stockists and agents (see "Our global network").

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A range of specially designed conversion plates are available which allow the shooter to use the stock conventionally with his or her favourite action. Barrel bedding or conventional bedding with bolts; The choice is yours!


The Esprit Carabine EC Universal Concept stock; a single stock that allows the shooter to choose whether to use barrel bedding (and allow the action to "float free") or to secure the action conventionally and bolt directly to the stock.

Simon Aldhouse uses his new Universal Concept stock with a Grunig R3. Thanks to Martin Scrivens at Addiscombe Rifle Club for the photos!


Picture above shows Marco de Nicolo from Italy getting in some practice before his matches at the Olympics. Marco is shooting a Bleiker Challenger system and using the locking rings to secure the barrel and allow the action to "float free". Check out the "Latest News" tab to see how Marco and others did!

Thanks very much to Donald at Edinkillie for use of some great images!